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Hot Air Ascension Through the Sonoran Desert

As the sun begins to appear behind the jagged peaks of the McDowell Mountains outside Phoenix, balloon pilot Michael England and his crew connect a 10-foot wicker basket to a 250,000-cubic-foot balloon. Captain Mike leads group tours for Hot Air Expeditions high over the serene Sonoran Desert. In seconds, the group is lifted above the sandy desert floor and into the calm, clear sky while our hearts start to beat faster in anticipation of our journey.
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A Royal Exploration in Mexico City

The magnificent Castillo de Chapultepec is surrounded by 1,695 acres of trees and wildlife on a high hill in the heart of Mexico City. I boarded the small tram in the middle of Chapultepec Park in downtown Mexico City, the former home of Mexican Emperor Maximilian. At first glance, the gorgeous old French Colonial building appears like something out of a movie.
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Indianapolis Museum of Art

I’m not very “arty.”. I’ve always been a huge fan of the theater and I got an A in art history, but I’ve never been one of those creative types that can interpret art to the point where it shakes them to their core. That being said, I visited the Indianapolis Museum of Art while staying at The Alexander hotel.
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Texas Tacos: La Condesa, Austin

Tacos in Austin are like pizza slices in New York. They’re everywhere. I dined at La Condesa restaurant in buzzing downtown Austin to learn more about quintessential TexMex cuisine. Condesa is known for its hip Latin style and two-story bar serving over 80 types of tequila. I dined in a private dining room located in the basement of the historic Flour House, built originally as a brewery in the 1860s.
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Les Baux-de-Provence

During a cycling trip through Provence, my group and I began our 10-day adventure with a journey up an 800-foot rocky plateau - also known as the village of Les Baux de Provence. The ride up the plateau was a gorgeous trek filled with scenic overlooks, shining a light on the lush countryside and waters that make up the famous French getaway destination.
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Explore Van Gogh's Inspiration in Provence

The landscape of Provence is a piece of art. It's no wonder that Vincent Van Gough was inspired to create over 150 paintings in Saint Remy in his final months. During a bike trip through Provence with VBT Bicycling and Walking Vacations, I enjoyed a walk through the Promenade dans l'univers de Vincent van Gogh outside the grounds of the St.
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The Playland Motel - Brooklyn Style on A Beach in Queens

As a Florida native, I crave the beach when in New York. Growing up in the Sunshine State, the only NY beach I ever knew about was The Hamptons. While ritzy Long Island has it's own style, Rockaway Beach was a convenient and affordable alternative that held its own. Located in Queens, the beach is a quick subway ride away.
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Fashion Icons + Classic Luxury at Hotel Metropole, Monte Carlo

As I packed for my first trip to Monaco, I dreamed of the iconic fashions of Grace Kelly as I filled my suitcase. And as elegant as I attempted to look, there was no way I would ever parallel the gorgeous surroundings of my hotel. The Hotel Metropole in Monte Carlo was my home for two days, and needless to say, nights I'll never forget.
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Hopping in Dublin

The Marker Hotel is a chic and modern property with 166 guest rooms and the only rooftop garden in the city. The design of the expansive lobby draws on the elemental nature of Irish geography. The 3D ceiling takes its inspiration from the ancient basalt columns of Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.
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Classic Cancun Combines with Modern Meeting Venues

Located on the north tip of Cancun’s hotel zone, the 602-room Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun is a haven for relaxation, while at the same time, directly connected to the buzzing Cancun International Convention Center and within minutes of Cancun’s local culture and entertainment. The oceanfront resort is also one of the oldest properties in the area, but don’t get the wrong idea, local traditions and culture play out in modern, unexpected ways.

Las Vegas Meets Local at the Palace of the Lost City

About 100 miles from Johannesburg in the North West province of South Africa is the Palace of the Lost City, one of four Sun International hotels visited during our South Africa adventure. The glitz and glamour of the 338-room hotel is reminiscent of a 5-star Las Vegas hotel but with a local touch.

Table Bay Hotel: One of Cape Town’s Best Kept Secrets

Top tier hotels, fabulous nightlife, a variety of recreation and gorgeous views of Table Mountain, make Cape Town an ideal South African destination. We visited the 329-room Table Bay Hotel during the grand opening party for the new 50-seat Camissa Brassiere bar and restaurant. “To keep up with international trends and to attract more groups, Camissa was rebuilt,” says GM Shaun Tregoning.


GiAnna Wyatt

After not traveling during her youth, GiAnna’s love for exploring the world came early. During her time as associate editor at Prevue Magazine, she set off to find her own adventure. In addition, she freelances for our travel publications, blogs and meeting trade outlets. She also publishes South Florida guides for AFAR and contributes to the website. In addition to travel writing and public relations, GiAnna has love for the camera which comes in handy during her worldwide treks.